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Boris Lozhkin – Thought and Deed in the Сontext of Ukraine

Boris Lozhkin – Thought and Deed in the Сontext of Ukraine

Famous Politician, Public figure, and a Businessman – Meet Boris Lozhkin

The Frankfurt International Book Fair is considered the most important international book and publishing fairs for both bookmen and active personalities. Book presentations are often held there and plenty of them are meant to be bestsellers. Vladimir Fedorin and Boris Lozhkin’s brainchild “The Fourth Republic” could become one of them.

Boris Lozhkin and His Vision for Ukraine

The author is rooting for the future of his native Ukraine and he claims it to be a promising European market. He’s sure that a great future needs sturdy economical foundation. That’s why for stable and fast development, it’s necessary to attract foreign investors.

In addition, it’s crucial to create comfortable and safe conditions for investors to engage them in various business fields. Economic growth is possible when huge companies and corporations feel safe and can develop long-term projects. It is no secret that the state has tons of resources and powerful industrial potential. Besides, it owns strong personnel as plenty of specialists with a good profile graduate well versed in various niches every year.

A shiny new writer shared his opinion as for the opportunities of Ukraine. According to him, the state might cease to be vulnerable within the territory of Europe. Moreover, he thinks that the country is able to become a guardian of European financial security. That’s why the economic growth in Ukraine is profitable for the EU.

Other Celebrities and Their Interests

Apart from Boris Lozhkin and his wife Nadezhda Shalomova, as well as Vladimir Fedorin, other celebrities took part in the presentation. The former Ambassador of Germany in Ukraine Dietmar Gerhard Stüdemann was among them. He’s well-known for his interest to the Ukrainian question and for his brilliant career in banking. The current Deutsche Bank councilor’s attention to Boris Lozhkin’s brainchild is revealing. The fans, authors, and those who think of Ukrainian political and economic realities are looking forward to his review.

Boris Lozhkin’s brainchild “The Fourth Republic” became a bestseller in Ukraine. At the Forum in Lviv, more than 11,000 books were sold in a rather short time. It’s great for such a specific genre that’s why the book was translated into English, Russian, and German.

The Key Secret of the Popularity

The secret of the book’s popularity is its author’s personality. It’s known that Lozhkin was a Head of the Presidential Administration in Ukraine and founded media-holding that included the greatest TV and radio projects, as well as several Internet editions. Now, he is a Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress. Certainly, this person has much to share with the audience and his experience should be considered.

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