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Boris Lozhkin’s Foundation “Tabletochki” and Underground casinos “Cosmolot”

Boris Lozhkin’s Foundation “Tabletochki” and Underground casinos “Cosmolot”

Boris Lozhkin and His Gambling-charity Schemes

In 2019, the charity foundation “tabletochki” (we recall that Boris Lozhkin founded it) got half a million hrivnas from unknown philanthropist that reportedly won the jackpot. How did it happen?

The national lottery “Cosmolot” held a grand prize drawing on the New Year’s eve and the prize fund was 600,000 hrivnas. Plenty of editions described the winner’s noble act that had won the first prize and got 500,000 hrivnas. He called himself a rich man and gave money to Boris Lozhkin’s “tabletochki”. The winner didn’t call his name and wished to save privacy. However, he mentioned that is a frequenter in “Cosmolot” (that is also connected with Lozhkin).

“Tabletochki” was founded in 2011 to help kids with cancer. Boris Lozhkin is a member of Board of the Fund and executes payment from his own foundation. The team of “tabletochki” arranges treatment and buys medicines, offers emotional support, develops new projects and conducts information campaigns.

People were happy that am unknown gambler gave money to sick children but actually, there was no money at all. Those two structures are tied with each other and have Boris Lozhkin as a common denominator. That entire scheme was necessary to hide evidence of frauds with the Ukrainian National Lottery.

Wild Gambling Market in Ukraine

The glorious history of UNL started in 2014. In the first quarter of the year, the licenses of the lottery companies on the state market terminated. However, UNL, “MCL”, and “Patriot” continued to work. The decision was based on the law that allowed working until they would get a new license. Soon, UNL grabbed the main part of the market. In 2015, the Swiss businessperson Shetti blamed his partner Kovalenko in the illegal reduction of founding boards. The correspondent documents were sent to the Ukrainian procurator general’s office and other courts.

In 2015, the Ukrainian Security Service blocked the company’s office. Alexander Tretyakov arrived at the scene where the journalists noticed him. Lozhkin emphatically denied his involvement in gambling because he was a Head of the Presidential Administration at that time.

Michael John Foggo from Great Britain was announced a new owner of the company but in reality, he just managed it by proxy. Ten years ago, the information appeared that he was the head of another company with a similar line of work. He specialized in creating companies for foreign partners that wanted to preserve privacy. Besides, he provided services to Russian companies that sold software for espionage.

“Softline Group Ukraine Ltd” is a participant in the criminal case of abuse of authority, where the powerful officials from the National Bank were caught. In 2017, the facts of the illegal purchasing of software amounting to 25 million hrivnas emerged. It led to the investigations as for tenders that public officials had arranged. In 2016, the National Bank purchased software and computer hardware amounting to 14.78 and 9.87 million hrivnas respectively. The investigation established the fact that Softline sold it at a much higher price. Then the “Ukrainian Trading House” Ltd, “IT Distribution” Ltd acted the same way. Thus, the Russian oligarch’s company sells its products to the state companies in Ukraine and participates in the field of public procurement hassle-free. So, Foggo was quick to ride to the rescue in order to flush. He always ready to help when it deals with the Council on Public Security and National Defense’s sanctions or criminal investigations was opened.

The story with the jackpot and money transferred into the “tabletochki” account is similar to a foreign owner of UNL and other companies. They demonstrate the ability to hide behind other people’s names in order to hold on the top of the world as long as possible.

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