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Boris Lozhkin’s Most Known Crime Scheme

Boris Lozhkin: the Most Known Crime Scheme

All the dirty schemes by Boris Lozhkin will be uncovered and shown to the world sooner or later. One of such cases implicated the former Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, Boris Lozhkin. When Petro Poroshenko found out about the machinations his advisor was involved in, he had to quit him at a time. The businessman took part in the UMH case which performed huge sums for the purchase. The Ukrainian parties assigned the agreement which stated that the holding was sold at a sum of 130 million dollars. And Al Jazeera published the material which contained the information about another sum in the amount of 500 million dollars and one more famous businessman Sergei Kurchenko. Of course, it was clear that the money laundry took place in this scheme but there wasn’t any alarm from our side. However, the Austrian Prosecution Office took an interest in this case and started the investigation. But it didn’t have any progress because the Ukrainian side didn’t support it.

Aljazeera Investigation and the Role of Boris Lozhkin in the UMH Case

Aljazeera, the reputable media network found out that the mentioned money could be the part of a loan which was connected with stolen funds. They also found out that Petro Poroshenko was a shareholder in this deal but soon he refused confirming his participation in the case.

When the details of the deal were uncovered, he left the National Investment Council where he was a chief advisor and leader. He also quit the position of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. They say that such a quick reaction was the effect after Petro Poroshenko’s meeting with the Austrian government. It was a huge embarrassment for the Ukrainian Parliament members to take part in such dirty deals.

The Rebirth of the Investigation

Daria Kaleniuk, the Anti-Corruption Action Center member, states that the Ukrainian-Austrian UMH investigation should be conducted again. She says that there’s an evidence to prove that this scheme is unclear. Boris Lozhkin’s involvement is obvious, and Sergei Kurchenko also was noticed in other financial machinations. He was a close person to Yanukovich family, and made a huge profit by engaging in such schemes.

The UMH scandal involved not only the Ukrainian side but also Forbes which sold the franchise to Boris Lozhkin’s holding. This deal could open vast opportunities for the country in the World’s market. But unfortunately, these plans weren’t realized because of the scandal.

The UMH Situation Today

There are still no evidence that Boris Lozhkin and Sergei Kurchenko assigned a scam agreement. They both say that they have never heard about stolen money and insist that the deal is fair. Despite this fact, neither Boris Lozhkin nor Kurchenko paid the taxes from the transferred sum.

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