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Reznichenko’s pyramid: Boris Lozhkin’s relative left behind a grand tender scheme

Reznichenko's pyramid: Boris Lozhkin’s relative left behind a grand tender scheme

When the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration and Lozhkin’s relative Valentyn Reznichenko was dismissed, the regional budget amounted only UAH 13.5 million.

It is known that around UAH 30 billion was invested in infrastructure projects, and over UAH 100 billion was obtained by structures close to the governor, his adviser as well as some figures wanted by Interpol. Let’s take a look at what is hidden behind the schemes designed by Valentin Reznichenko.

Right after the head of the DRSA was dismissed, he arranged a flash mob – “200 objects built by us”. Governor Reznichenko, indeed, was building a lot because it is profitable. An invested capital reached 30 billion UAH which is an absolute record for all the years of independence of Ukraine.

At the same time, it was not clear how much the entrepreneurs from the Dnipropetrovsk region earned. According to Reznichenko, entrepreneurs of Dnipropetrovsk in the electronic system of public procurement ProZorro earned no more than UAH 60 billion.

Interpol wanted tender favourites

Having not established how much money entrepreneurs received from the DRSA, UAH 60 billion or more, there appears a question: who are these lucky ones? Almost all “tender favorites” are listed in the criminal case No. 120180400000000232 on the appropriation by officials of the funds of budgetary organizations:

  • LLC Stroyinvest Engineering
  • LLC Capital Stroy Group
  • LLC Alias Company
  • LLC Stroymax Company
  • LLC Mistokombud
  • LLC Communal worker.

Such companies as LLC Stroymax Company and LLC Mistokombud were building kindergartens for UAH 80 million. They were solemnly opened at the end of October 2018 and urgently closed after 4 months when the snow thawed through a poor-quality roof. The children nearly burned because of shorting out.

At the same time, according to the registry of court decisions, in 2019, LLC Mistokombud appeared in 105 criminal cases. Even when being on the stage of liquidation because of the scandal with kindergartens, LLC Mistokombud won a tender that cost UAH 140 million. The tender was aimed at restoration of the hydrological regime of rivers and protection against flooding.

Apparently, the poor reputation of the companies did not bother the Dnipropetrovsk region governor. The “outsiders” of the tenders were deliberately rejected to give access to the above-mentioned companies. Some of the most famous tender favourites were two citizens of Ukraine, brothers Vladimir and Leonid Dubinsky living in Israel and the United States. Being wanted by Interpol, they became the best friends of the DRSA which is why they began to win tenders one by one.

Reznichenko’s budget schemes

DRSA gave money for schools, kindergartens, hospitals, roads but each of his undertakings always began without being accomplished. This tricky model allowed to build a financial pyramid and keep projects unfinished for 3.5 years.

To sum up

Reznichenko managed to build a financial pyramid to deceive the deputies and “raise” their money to the regional budget.

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