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The Illegal Financial Tactics of Boris Lozhkin Surrounding the Umh Company

The Illegal Financial Tactics of Boris Lozhkin Surrounding the Umh Company

From 2006 to 2013, Boris Lozhkin worked as a member at WAN-IFRA communication organization. Between 2014 and 2016, he served as the leader of the Ukraine presidential administration and since June 2015 he was the assistant at the National Reform Committee. In 2016, Boris received nomination becoming a Secretary of National Investment Committee and in 2018 the head of the Jewish Federation.

More regarding Boris Lozhkin

1. Boris was sacked by the president due to fraud

Aljazeera found that Boris was part of a scam activity whereby a lot of funds were gained.

The gained funds were a section of the 500 million dollars deal from Sergei Kurchenko who was a well-known person in the previous ruling era.

That included an agreement which involved the acquiring of the United Media Holdings (UMH), the biggest communication firm within Ukraine, in 2013.

2. Recent allegations about the selling of UMH

Both the President and Boris Lozhkin got involved in fraud. The allegations were connected to a 500 million dollars sale of the media firm. The big firm was bought by Sergei Kurchenko (an official of the past leader- Viktor Yanukovych).

Reports also talked about the funds gotten for the communication company from some loan gained through assets of fifty million dollars. Those assets are rumored to have been acquired by Kurchenko illegally. That simply reveals that Boris Lozhkin acquired funds which were gained illegally.

According to Aljazeera, the President had three percent of the company’s stake when Kurchenko had bought it. So, he received fifteen million dollars gained illegally.

The president, however, refuted allegations that said he had the 3% stake when that communication firm got sold. Apart from this, a television program mentioned that Boris Lozhkin received part of the communication company assets. Investigations revealed that the gain may have been a payback for attorneys who wanted to unfreeze the assets of Kurchenko sometime back.

A spokesperson of Boris Lozhkin refused every fraud claims and she said that the validity of the communication firm deal got inspected by distinguished legal personnel. That spokesperson further insisted that Lozhkin didn’t have any assets at that moment.

Investigators are convinced that the selling sum of five hundred million was above the actual worth of that company. Also, it’s why they are convinced that the money was earned illegally however Boris Lozhkin refused those claims. Another report also revealed that the cost of UMH was eighty percent to 300 percent over other firms which have similar activities.

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